Avr 29 2019


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Hello to whom this may concern, my name is Sandra Green from Atomic Media in California. We reached out to our clients and asked them for referrals of top people and companies to join us in a historic private live webinar being held for us on April 30th by:

– Tony Robbins 1# Business Coach in the world
– Dean Graziosi 1# Real Estate trainer in the world
– Russel Brunson 1# Online marketer in the world

Since we are covering all the costs for this live webinar for ourselves. The CEO and COO of Atomic Media decided to invite our clients and their friends, co-workers, and families to join our private live webinar as a thank you for your friendship, support, and business.

We are limiting the invites to 300 people. Because we are going to have live chat with all 3 of the speakers. So we were advised that in order to let people have a chance at being able to chat with the 3 speakers, 300-500 would be maximum for the 1hr+plus private live webinar.

So, if your coworkers, friends, and families would like to join us for this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from the 3 best business minds in modern times. Please before all of our spots are filled join us by rsvp here:

You will be updated about all details on the event by email as soon as we know the details.

Best regards,
Sandra Green
Business Development Director, Atomic Media
( Fyi your website was referred by 3 of our clients and 75% of the people who have received our invite to have invited more than 8 of their own people. The spots are filling up fast. We are at 133 spots filled as I send this out to you. Please don’t wait to reserve your spots.)

4 Long Shoals Rd
Ste B
Arden, NC 28704

My apologies if this ad message was not relevant for you. To prevent any future correspondence please visit:

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